Coaching Works! Volume II

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Coaching Works! Volume II -- a 12 Issue Volume of Newsletters for You to Give Your Clients

By Lyn Kelley, Ph.D., MFT, CPC

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        Email course ONLY -- Word format -- so you can copy and paste the newsletters directly into your emails, or print them out.
        Includes 38-page manual and Quiz for 10 CE Contact Hours (no extra charge for Certificate)
Instructions are simple! Each course comes with a short, multiple choice quiz, that goes chapter by chapter, and is open book. You just email us the answers to your quiz in the body of an email and we email you your Certificate of Completion within 48 hours. If you don't pass, we give you as many tries as you need!
          Coaching Works is a compilation of 12 3 – 5 page personalized newsletters which you can forward to clients, former clients, professional referral sources, and other places in the community. They are also good handouts that people will keep when you give seminars in the community – or when you network with other professionals.
          Why write them yourself? I write them for you! This saves you 3 - 5 hours every month -- for as little as $6 per newsletter! Sending a monthly newsletter is your NUMBER ONE, most cost-effective marketing tool. It is professional and educational, and is not received as “junk” or “advertising.” It is a dignified, high integrity practice promotion tool.
          Your individual or group photograph, along with your practice information, can featured prominently on the front page of every issue. We give you permission to take authorship, personalize, and modify the newsletters any way you wish.
          The quality and credibility of the articles in my newsletters project a professional image. I recommend sending them out once a month. By sending the newsletter as an email to your recipients in your data base, you will be attracting new clients as well as re-activating former clients and getting new referrals. You stay in the forefront of people’s minds, reminding them monthly of how valuable your services are!
          Each year we will compile a new 12-issue volume of newsletters so you never run out!  This course is Volume II.
Table of Contents
Volume II
Issue 1:  3 Magic Keys to Unlock Your Higher Purpose
Issue 2:  The Fallacy of Willpower
Issue 3:  7 Traits of Financially Successful People
Issue 4:  The Biggest Relationship Mistake
Issue 5:  The 5 Biggest Regrets
Issue 6:  7 Ways to Overcome Financial Anxiety
Issue 7:  The 3 Things Holding You Back from Your Dreams
Issue 8:  6 Steps to Becoming Your Own Best Friend
Issue 9:  How to Protect Yourself from Other People's Problems
Issue 10:  How to Just Say "NO"
Issue 11:  What is Success, Really?
Issue 12:  Life is a Rush Into the Unknown