GROW Training Institute, Inc., is a national organization that grew out of GROW Publications which was founded in 1995 by Lyn Kelley, Ph.D., CPC.

GROW Training Institute develops and offers continuing education through home study courses and seminars for coaching and counseling professionals.  We also offer practice building coaching and consultation.

GROW Training Institute has offered Coach training and a Coach Certification program since 1995.  Our Certified Professional Coach (CPC) credential is the easiest, fastest, and least expensive (yet most comprehensive) program available.  We currently have over 300 active coaches (CPC's).

GPCCA (GROW Professional Coach and Counselor Association) is our membership program with many benefits, including discounts, unlimited consultation with Lyn Kelley, and C.E. contact hours.

      "Lyn is an incredible coach, trainer and author. She practices what she preaches-setting goals, formulating a plan to accomplish them, and then unwaveringly completing each task until she's achieved her desired outcome. She's also an exceptionally caring, compassionate person, whom I greatly admire. and am so fortunate to know."  
        ---Robin Morse Renna, Sarasota, FL

Continuing Education Approvals:

Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE) for Board Certified Coaches (BCC's) and National Certified Counselors (NCC's) Provider "GROW"

National Association for Drug and Alcohol Counselors (NAADAC) Provider #000100

Most State Boards for Mental Health Professionals (contact your board to see if our course qualifies for credit in your state)


        CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL COACH CERTIFICATION is a natural evolution of the coach training programs developed and offered by GROW Training Institute. Course feedback data from GROW Training Institute workshops and GROW Training Institute market surveys consistently indicate a critical and growing need for a uniform national credential to identify and define coach/therapists. While there are dozens of other coach training programs throughout the U.S. open to anyone regardless of background or education, GROW Training Institute's CPC program has been created particularly for professionals who are currently working in medical, mental health, or human services professions.  GROW's CPC program is the fastest, easiest, least expensive (yet most comprehensive) program available.  It can be accomplished in as little as a few weeks (all through home study) and costs less than $1,000.

        GROW Training Institute currently has a staff of four employees and three faculty members. GROW Training Institute has been offering continuing education courses since 1995, each year increasing the number of seminars held nationwide. As demand for coach training increases each year, GROW Training Institute increases the number of programs it offers. As of 2012 GROW completed over 300 seminar tours throughout the U.S. and abroad.


        The mission of GROW Training Institute is to provide high quality Coach Training and Continuing Education to coaching, counseling and healthcare professionals to increase their practice growth and success.

        The mission of GROW Training Institute's CERTIFIFED PROFESSIONAL COACH CERTIFICATION Program is to establish and support a national credential that defines and identifies individuals as professional coaches, valid across all behavioral health disciplines and universally accepted and recognized as a useful measure of experience and expertise in professional coaching.  Also to provide the most comprehensive, cost-effective Coach training program, to prepare individuals to become successful, effective coaching professionals.