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        GROW Training Institute has developed a complete CPC Certificate Program for individuals and professionals who desire to become Certified Professional Coaches.  The easiest, fastest, least expensive, yet MOST COMPREHENSIVE certification program available.  Can be completed at your own pace -- all home study -- in as little as a few weeks.  You'll be trained to perform Life, Business, Corporate, and Virtual Coaching.  Pay as you go -- total price is $994. PLUS, when you purchase the 5 courses together, we give you an additional optional course for FREE!  "Online Marketing for Non-Techies."
       60 C.E. contact hours included.  GROW is an approved coach training provider for the CCE Board Certified Coach Program.  CE's approved by most state and national licensing boards.

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         "Thank you for reviewing my application and materials!  Wow -- that was quick!  Lyn, your courses are fun, informative, and practical.  Although we have not met in person, I think your upbeat personality shines through in your writing.  The books are keepers!  I also appreciate that you created this quality certification program with the professional therapist in mind.  So refreshing and inspiring.  That you have a relationship with CCE for the Board Certified Coach credential is also quite special.
          Congratulations on your many years as a successful business owner with so many services and talents --- Fortunate for many, including me.  It is evident that you truly enjoy what you do and have done."

           --Mary Vilcheck, LCSW, CPC

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          "Lyn! This is the BEST issue of any newsletter EVER WRITTEN! You give MORE ACTIONABLE, easy to follow advice that will payoff BIG than I have EVER seen from ANY newsletter and possibly ANY BOOK! The information may seem "old hat" to some but it's important for any business. I can't believe you give away such valuable information for FREE. This is the bargain of the Century!"

     --Jeff Ribera, San Diego, CA

What People Are Saying About GROW'S CPC Program

In my years of training to be a coach, the best, most efficient and economical training I have found is yours, Lyn. That’s because your courses are designed by therapists for therapists. Your seminars are packed full of practical information that can be used to start a lucrative private coaching practice now. I have taken tons of coaching courses. Yours are the best.
--Stan Mann, DCSW, PCC, Detroit, MI

Hey Lyn,  I want to commend you on the work you’re doing, because you are a therapist and already have an understanding of what we’re doing. You are doing really, really good work with your CPC Program. I just went to a 3 day coach training through another coach organization and I must tell you, I am more behind you, beside you, in front of you, and around you than ever before because of what you’re doing. The quality that you are giving to professionals is invaluable. I just wanted to tell you that!
--Cathy Nelson, LMFT, CPC, Sonoma, CA

Hello Lyn,

Your seminar lit a fire under me, or should I say a bonfire. I am making multiple changes, and almost feel overwhelmed that I can’t make them fast enough. One item on the list is to do your coaching training and become a CPC. I have had about 75-100 hours in the Corporate Coach U program, which I abandoned, realizing I was more of a therapist and didn’t want to work with the corporate world. Your exercise at the end of our seminar made me realize I had made coaching too complicated. Thanks for your motivation – your seminar more than paid for itself already.

-–Beth Strong, LPC, Denver, CO

Dear Lyn,

I just wanted to let you know that I very much appreciated the workshop Friday and loved your spirit. Hopefully, becoming a CPC will allow me to see clients who want my strengths perspective and to fly above the radar as opposed to under it as I have during the past three and a half years. Thanks again for your generosity in what you promote. You clearly have found your niche and bravo to you for willingness to share it so magnanimously with others.

--Marina Margetts, LCSW, Scottsdale, AZ

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