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      GROW Training Institute offers a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) program. We provide all your training via home study. Go at your own pace -- you can become a CPC in as little as 3 weeks. Earn 50 C.E. Contact Hours. Total price is $1054
Sept 2020 SPECIAL -- NOW only $954 -- pay as you go.  Our program qualifies you as a Life Coach, Business/Corporate/Executive Coach, Virtual (Online) Coach, and just about any type of coach under these umbrellas.
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Lyn Kelley, Ph.D., MFT, CPC

        GROW Founder and President has written over 20 C.E. Courses and 37 books on GROW's most popular courses are their "Practice Building" courses. Dr. Lyn has over 25 years experience training and consulting with Coaches, Therapists and Healthcare Professionals. Her mission is to help you help MORE people! Contact Lyn at

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       Lyn Kelley, Ph.D., MFT, CPC



        Membership $597 per month ($1,247 Value for only $597) Receive Unlimited business coaching and marketing advice from Dr. Lyn plus 2 CE Credits per month plus Dr. Lyn's eBook "GET NEW CLIENTS NOW!"  Click HERE for more information.

      GROW Training Institute provides Marketing/Business Consulting Services that compliment its full line of continuing education programs. GROW Training Institute, Inc., is committed to providing high quality education, helping you increase your practice clientele and income, as well as excellent customer service.


        GROW offers the fastest, easiest, least expensive, yet most comprehensive certification program available! 100% Home Study -- Can be completed in less than 3 weeks.

        Click HERE for full information and application for GROW's Certified Professional Coach Program


        We offer Board Certified Coaches (BCC) Continuing Education.

        GROW is an approved provider for Continuing Education by CCE for BCC's.

        GROW is an approved Coach Training Organization by CCE for BCC's

        Once you have been certified as a coach by GTI, you can apply to become a BCC for a nominal fee and passing their exam.

Home Study and Online Continuing Education Courses

        GROW's Continuing Education Courses for Therapists, Counselors and Coaches are approved by most State and National Licensing and Certification Boards.

        Courses are available in Manual/Book and Online formats. All Courses come with a multiple choice quiz for 10 C.E. Contact Hours. No extra charge for Certificate -- turnaround is 2 - 3 business days. Lyn is available by phone and/or email with any questions you may have.        

What People Are Saying About GROW'S CPC Program

Dear Lyn,

     I just wanted to write a personal letter of thanks and appreciation to you for your expert guidance and assistance in my becoming a CPC. As you know, I have had over 20 years experience as a counselor (at a Master's level and as an NBCC). My decision to move into coaching and now engaging in several new avenues has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has completely changed my perspective in woking with clients and my attitude in presenting to them so many more positive, hopeful and encouraging possibilities for their future. In short, it has helped me to show them how to see the light at the end of their own tunnel, and a way to get there. Your coaching courses are both simple to understand and easy to apply, with a wealth of insightful and informational resources. Our telephone consultations have allowed me to get to know you as a genuinely warm, caring person, but also, as a highly trained, experienced professional with many diverse fields of knowledge. I feel very fortunate to have discovered you, to trust and value your opinions and guidance, and to know that you are a valuable resource in my continuing journey in my career.

--Mary-Lew Barker, CPC, GPCCA Member


     In my years of training to be a coach, the best, most efficient and economical training I have found is yours, Lyn. That’s because your courses are designed by therapists for therapists. Your seminars are packed full of practical information that can be used to start a lucrative private coaching practice now. I have taken tons of coaching courses. Yours are the best.

---Stan Mann, DCSW, PCC, CPC, Detroit, MI

Hey Lyn,

     I am so thrilled and honored to have become a Certified Coach through GROW! I just went to a 3 day coach training through another coach organization and I must tell you, I don’t think that anybody that’s not trained should be allowed to coach. I want to commend you on the work you’re doing, because you are a therapist and already have an understanding of what we’re doing. You are doing really, really good work. And I am more behind you, beside you, in front of you, and around you than ever before because of what you’re doing. The quality that you are giving to professionals is invaluable. I just wanted to tell you that!

---Cathy Nelson, LMFT, CPC, Sonoma, CA


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