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By Lyn Kelley, Ph.D., CPC

Online Course Only
10 C.E. contact hours 

Fee: $87 + $20 Shipping & Handling ($107)
Credits: 10 CEU's
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What Therapists are Saying About This Coaching Program:

"I loved this independent study course! You give wonderful, practical advice. I have never seen anything else like it. I feel re-charged about my practice! Thanks so much!"  
--- Janice Carbon, BSCW, Mataire, LA

"Thank you for this good program. It helped me come up with a brand new notion - that of personal coaching for church ministers. Thanks for the idea."
--- Keneth Beavers, Ph.D., Columbus, Ohio

Table of Contents

    Introduction:  The Internet Revolution
    Great, But I Don’t Know What to Do or Where to Begin!
    Step 1: We Admitted We Were Dummies
    Step 2: Tough It Out (just for a little while)
    Step 3: Hire an Expert

    Chapter One:  Create Your Online Marketing Plan
    Name Your Business
    Logo and Design
    Your Mission Statement or Tag Line
    Determine Your Target Market
    Create a Customer Data Base
    Creating Goals, Sub-Goals, Steps and Tasks
    Sample Online Marketing Plan
    The 10 Biggest Blunders People Make in Marketing
    Chapter Two:  Website Development
    Linking and Networking
    10 Tips for a Compelling Website

    Chapter Three:  Integrating Social Media
    The FREE Online Promotion That Makes You a Celebrity
    7 Essential Rules for Building a Loyal Customer Base from Social Media Networking
    Social Networking Do’s & Don’ts Chapter Four:  E-Books, Audiobooks and Videos
    It Begins With a Fire in Your Belly
    Your Knowledge Can Evolve Into a Book
    Surprising Payoffs
    Information at the Speed of Thought
    Why an E-book is the Best Way to Get More Hits to Your Website
    E-book Resources
    E-book Online Distribution Sites
    Audiobook Online Distribution Sites
    Audio CD’s and MP3’s
    Video DVD's and DVD Clips

    Chapter Five:  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Google It!
    Key Word Phrases
    7 Steps to Raise Your Google Ranking
    6 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website
    Tools to Make Search Engines LOVE Your Website
    Pay-Per-Click Programs
    Flat-Rate PPC Programs
    Bid-Based PPC Programs
    How to Target Your Ads

    Chapter Six:  Online Directories
    Subscriber Deal Programs, i.e., Yelp, Groupon, Amazon Local
    Zero Cost Online Marketing Secrets

    Chapter Seven:  Link Building & Affiliates
    How to Create Backlinks
    How to Exchange Links with Other Websites
    How to Create a Successful Affiliate Program

    Chapter Eight:  How to Create a Blog, E-zine Articles and/or E-Newsletters
    Write About Your Expertise
    Tell – Don't Sell
    Checkups and Do-It-Yourself Guides
    How to Create a Successful Blog Site
    Developing Your Writing Style
    Post Often and KISS
    Encourage Reader Comments
    Chapter Nine:  Dramatic No-Cost Results from YouTube
    It's Easy, FREE, and You Can Do It Yourself

    Chapter Ten:  E-Commerce: How to Make Money While You Sleep
    5 Ways to Turn Your Website into a Sales Machine

    Chapter Eleven:  10 Expert Tricks of Online Marketing

    Conclusion:  A Day in the Life of an Online Coach

I'm committed to the survival and success of our profession.

-Lyn Kelley, Ph.D., MFT, CPC
Practice Building Coach
Clinical Member, CAMFT, AAMFT