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Psychological Principles of Motivation."

Includes a 100 page manual

PLUS Quiz for 10 C.E. Contact Hours.

Fee: $67 + $20 Shipping & Handling ($87)
Credits: 10 CE Contact Hours

What People are saying about this Course:

Lyn's program is a wonderful tool for building your coaching practice. She does a masterful job of presenting in a useful concise form. Her work is an excellent investment for anyone at all interested in motivation and coaching.
--- Steve Mann, DCSW, Personal Performance Coach, Author of “Triggers: A New Approach to Self-Motivation”

I have already begun implementing ideas and techniques that were suggested. It is wonderful to have practical professional solutions to common problems of psychotherapy and private practice.
---L.M. Donnelly, Ph.D. Salsbury, MD

Lyn, I wanted to personally thank you for your Life Coaching Books and your experience. Your books have enhanced my passion for following this dream and making it a reality. Your wisdom and guidance are a true inspiration.
---Hugs, Vicklyn Baker Ritchie
Here's What You'll Get:
Introduction: The Only True Way to Get Motivated
The Ultimate Motivator
The Step-by-Step Process of Motivation
Part I: How to Motivate Yourself

Chapter 1: What is Motivation and How Do I Get It?
Where Motivation Really Comes From
Internal vs. External Motivation – Which Works Better?
The 3 Magic Keys to Unlock Your Hidden Motivation
Theories of Motivation – Which One Fits You?
What is Success, Really?

Chapter 2: What Do I Want?
How to Know What You Really, Really Want
Why Choosing the Right Goal is Your “Power Button”
The Optimal Challenge
The Simple 5 Step Decision Making Process
Is it Okay to Change My Mind?
The “PPPP Principle” that Will Propel You Beyond Belief

Chapter 3: How People REALLY Change
The Fallacy of Willpower
Pain vs. Pleasure – Who Wins?
Quick Change vs. Gradual Change
What You Can Change and What You Can’t
Get Fed Up!
The Power of Commitment

Chapter 4: Access Your Greatness through Visioning
Create Your Vision
Your Mission Statement is Your Vision Multiplied
Chapter 5: Goal Setting & Action Planning
Setting Goals that Leap You Into Action
10 Ways to Make Action Equal Results
The Only Way to Handle “Overwhelm”
Create Your Road Map that Gets You Where You Want to Go
Your Own Reward

Chapter 6: Get Out of Your Own Way!
The 3 Brutal Mistakes that Cause Your Self-Sabotage
Let’s Get Off Our “Buts”
Part II: The Seven Self-Sabotages to Your Success

Chapter 7: Self Sabotage #1: It’s Too Difficult
Why Action is So Hard
How to “Just Do It”

Chapter 8: Self Sabotage #2: I Don’t Deserve It
Pump Up Your Self Worth
Shame and Guilt – the Ultimate Destroyers
Talk Back to Your Inner Critic
Turn “Learned Helplessness” into “Learned Empowerment”

Chapter 9: Self Sabotage #3: I Don’t Have the Time
It’s Not About Time – It’s About Goal Conflict
Work Smarter – Not Harder or Longer
See the Bigger Picture
The Simple Reason Why Change is So Hard

Chapter 10: Self Sabotage #4: I Don’t Have the Resources
Nice But Not Necessary
How Role Models and Mentors Zoom You to the Top
Extraordinary People Who Have Done More with Less

Chapter 11: Self Sabotage #5: I Have to Do It My Way
Why Smart People Do Dumb Things
Why People Kick a Gift Horse in the Mouth
How Addictions and Compulsions Destroy You

Chapter 12: Self Sabotage #6: They Don’t Want Me To
Validators vs. Invalidators
Why Others Sabotage Us and How to Handle Them
How to Handle Criticism Without Anguish
Choose Your People Well

Chapter 13: Self Sabotage #7: I’m Afraid
Fear – The Biggest Obstacle
The One Change You Need to Make in Your Head
Rational or Irrational?
10 Tips for Handling Worry and Anxiety
Part III: Sticking With It

Chapter 14: Enduring the Struggle
Setbacks and Adversity
Accepting the Unexpected
The REAL Reason People Procrastinate (and how to stop it)
Others who Overcame Adversity
Using Life Traumas or Difficulties as Motivators

Chapter 15: Thought & Attitude Transformation
How to Develop Ambition
Optimism vs. Pessimism – Why the Big Deal?
Controlled Focus is Your Laser Beam to Success
Your Words are Your Power

Chapter 16: Social Aspects of Motivation
Fly in “V” Formation
Partners and Teams
Role Models
Mentors, Sponsors and Teachers
Sprint to the Finish Line With Coaches

Chapter 17: Spiritual Aspects of Motivation
Finding Your Purpose
Hope is a Thing with Feathers
“When-Then” Syndrome – How to Live NOW
Visualize Your Desired Outcome
Positive Affirmations are Your Magic
Part IV: Motivating Others

Chapter 18: How to Motivate Other People
The One Minute Technique that Works Better Than Anything
How to Motivate Your Kids, Family and Friends
Lessons from a Butterfly
New Ways to Motivate Employees
The 4 Magical Words to Deal With Resistance
Don’t Fix, Coach!
Enthusiasm is Contagious

Conclusion: Accepting Your Success
Get Over Your Fear of Success

I'm committed to the survival and success of our profession.

-Lyn Kelley, Ph.D.,MFT, CPC
Practice Building Coach
Clinical Member, CAMFT, AAMFT