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Now offered in a Live Seminar Format!
Includes 100 page manual,
FREE Samples Handbook of Letters, Forms & Ads
& Quiz for 10 C.E. Contact Hours

Fee: $107 + $20 Shipping & Handling ($127)
Credits: 10 CE Contact Hours

"Therapists: STOP Undercharging!"

Resolve to get your full fee paid at the time of treatment in this new millenium!  (If not now, when?)

Lyn says:
      I've had it! I'm tired of reducing my fees and worth dictated by insurance bureaucrats who earn mega-billions! Now, I only see cash paying, at-the-time-of-service clients for my full fee - $160 an hour (aside from my low-fee/pro-bono clients who I can now afford to see without financial concern)!

      Make more money (and sleep better at night) by NEVER ACCEPTING managed care or insurance reimbursement again! Promote to a fee-for-service clientele and get paid. You'll see how it works in your new manual: "How to Promote Your Practice to a Well-Pay, Fee-for-Service Clientele".

Dear Colleague,

      It's a problem. Managed care has taken over 3rd party reimbursement.They've lowered your fees and locked you out.It's a dead end street. If you haven't done so already - get out. Fast.

      You've worked too hard for this. You know you're a good therapist and you're helping people, but it's okay to help people and make a good living too.

      Listen to my audio CD's over and over until they're cemented into your brain. You can survive and thrive in private practice without managed care! The ONLY way to do it is to target and market specifically to a well-paying, self-paying clientele. Period.

      STOP undercharging. Raise your fees - NOW. This course is written just for mental health professionals. It shows you the step-by-step process to increasing your client base and income. What you don't know is eating away at your lifestyle.

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • The only way to BREAK FREE of managed care
    and your reliance on third party reimbursement!m- Page 27
  • The hottest niche that's proven to attract the well-pay, self-pay market. -Page 38
  • How to manage your "goldmine" list - who to mail to, when, how often, what to send that guarantees you'll get a response. -Page 34-46
  • The step-by-step, turn-key system to get a continuous stream of new, self-pay, well-pay clients. (Who have all called YOU!) -Page 57-76
  • A former client will return if they want to right? Wrong! 68% want to return but won't until you do this. -Page 39
  • Why you shouldn't cut your fees -- but RAISE them NOW! (Really!) -Page 20
  • Most practices shamefully miss the boat on this automatic and FREE method of expanding their practice. -Page47
  • BEFORE: An average of one new client every 3 weeks.  AFTER: A full time practice with a 2-week waiting list...find out the one simple step that made the difference! -Page 62
  • How to attract well paying clients. Why clients coming for "FREE" visits are almost always problematic. -Page 66
  • Exactly what to say in a letter to inactive clients to bring back as many as 68% of them! (Samples Handbook)
  • Why most newsletters fail to pull in new business. The ONLY way to do a newsletter that brings in new clients! (Supplement)

  • The HOTTEST therapy and coaching niches. (The won't leave you feeling drained!)

     I know this is a lot to read, but I am bursting with enthusiasm! I have to get this information to you because when I lay my head down on my pillow tonight I need to know I've helped my colleagues.

     This is your only solution to Managed Care's erosion of your freedom to practice. If you intend to remain a private practice therapist, you need this vital information. It's crucial to your practice success!

  • Get $ issues out of your space using our one-time credit card authorization form. -Page 24, Samples Handbook
  • The 7 magic words that convert ambivalent phone inquiries into tomorrow's cash paying appointments. -Page 21
  • Samples of the ONLY media ads your target market will read -- and what to say to make them call! (Samples Handbook)
  • How to tap into the HUGE MASS of people who don't have a "medical necessity", but do want growth and ongoing life-improvement! -Page 34
  • 9 Model letters ("Client Appreciation" letter, "Welcome to the Practice" letter, "Prospecting" letter, etc.) you should begin sending out immediately! (Samples Handbook)
  • Exact forms to use to set practice goals, track your referrals, and chart your progress! (Samples Handbook)
  • How to make children beg their parents to take them to you. (Don't worry it doesn't involve any form of "bribery.") (Samples Handbook)
  • Exact word-for-word copies of the most successful direct mail letters and ads! (Samples Handbook)
  • The clergy make hundreds of referrals for counseling. The single best way to get them to refer to you! -Page 37
  • Exact guidelines you must know for what is ethical advertising. -Page 84
  • The ONE, MOST IMPORTANT THING to do after you get a referral to ensure they will send you more! -Page 82
      Please -- STOP mamby-pambying around and START getting serious about your business. You don't need to "sell out." Consumers are getting smarter about their mental health care -- they will opt out of their HMO benefits if you'll just show them how and why.

      My intention is for you to get more motivated to do life changing work and increase your value and your income. You need to protect yourself. You need to act fast.

I'm committed to the survival and success of our profession.
-Lyn Kelley, Ph.D., CPC
Practice Building Coach

Clinical Member, CAMFT, AAMFT