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Lyn Kelley, Ph.D., CPC
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  FREE eBook: Get New Clients NOW! The 10 Most Cost-Effective Methods to Get New, Well-Pay, Self-Pay Clients by Lyn Kelley 

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1.  1/2 hour of phone coaching with Lyn (value $120)
2.  Unlimited Practice Building Coaching with Lyn by email (value $500)
3.  2 C.E. Contact Hours per month from Lyn's Practice Building E-mail Newsletter (value $197)
4.  Promote your practice with your photo and bio on GROW's Online Therapist Referral Directory (value $179)
5.  Promote your practice with your photo and bio on GROW's Online Coach Referral Directory (value $179)
 FREE eBook: Get New Clients Now, by Lyn Kelley (value $159)
7.  FREE set up charges for Coaching Works or Emotional Wellness Matters newsletters, unlimited e-mail consults and $20 off your first order (value $49)

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$189 based on a 6-month membership
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GPCCA Member Benefits for Therapists and Coaches:

·        Get 2 C.E. Contact Hours per month easily, online with Lyn's monthly newsletter "Marketing Tips for Therapists & Coaches"

·        Get Lyn's tips and advice on a regular basis & communicate with her regularly

·         Work on your  Marketing Plan with Lyn's and your Colleagues' assistance

·        Stay on top of your Marketing Plan and have Lyn help keep you on task

·        Get all of your CPC "receiving coaching" hours requirement met with Lyn and/or our Member Blog.

·        Generate more referrals by allowing GROW to promote you through our Referral Directory Sites (potential clients contact you directly from the site)

·        Get e-mail answers from Lyn (and your colleagues) to all your Practice Building questions - on GROW's Member Blog site -- unllimited!

·        Get your FREE eBook Get New Cllients NOW, by Lyn Kelley

·        Add “Member, GROW Professional Coach/Counselor Association” with GROW’s logo on your resume and bio

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Get 24 CE's a year and unlimited assistance with Lyn!

Amazing Limited Time Offer – 10 days only: 
6 months $189 ($1,544 value for only $189!)
Plus Lyn’s newest book:
Get New Clients NOW! The 10 Most Cost-Effective Methods to Get New, Well-Pay, Self-Pay Clients (each method is low-cost or no-cost to you!)

  Lyn Kelley, Ph.D., CPC Author of How to Motivate People!  

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What Therapists Are Saying About Lyn’s Practice Building Consultation

     Dear Lyn, As a result of the few coaching sessions we’ve had thus far, I am already seeing a change in my practice.  My fee-for-service clientele is increasing as I have become more willing to ask to be paid what I deserve.  I am now ready to begin dropping the managed care plans that I have already stopped taking new clients for.  I have dropped my Saturday hours and despite all this I have more new clients than I can manage!  Your suggestions, feedback and encouragement have allowed me to start having a practice that reflects my ‘get-to’ as opposed to my ‘have-to.’ Thanks again!  
---Vivian Harvey, LMFT, LPC,
Long Beach , CA